Westport Police Athletic League-WPAL is a non-profit organization in Westport, CT. Offering youth athletic programs, educational scholarships and community events such as, WPAl Ice Rink at Longshore, Independence Day Fireworks Show at Compo Beach.Youth s

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Vaccination of all eligible coaches and athletes age 12 and over is currently the most important mitigation strategy we have available for preventing Covid-19 outbreaks in our program and the surrounding communities that support us.  


1) As it stands as of August 16th there will not be any mandated wearing of masks for any of the players or coaching staff while outdoors. 


2) Mask wearing WILL BE MANDATORY anytime you are in the clubhouse for meetings with coaches, players or parents.
If you are alone obviously masks will not be needed. 


3) Although we cannot make it mandatory that each coach be vaccinated, we highly recommend that they all are. The purpose of this recommendation is purely for quarantine purposes. If a coach is fully vaccinated they do not have to quarantine or test after a known exposure from someone on your team and after our contact tracing procedures as long as you remain asymptomatic. If not vaccinated, and we deem that you are at risk we will follow quarantine steps which will be in line with what the local health department deems fit at that time.  


4) Fully vaccinated coaches and players who are deemed a close contact with a known Covid-19 case will be permitted to continue to participate in sports activities provided they remain asymptomatic and wear a mask until receiving a negative test result which should be taken between days 3 and 5 after contact or 14 days without a test (As per CIAC) 


5) Unvaccinated asymptomatic coaches and players who are deemed close contact of a know positive case will quarantine
for 10 days with a negative test between days 7 and10 of exposure or 14 days without a test. (As per CIAC) 


6) Vaccinated and unvaccinated coaches and players who experience symptoms after close contact with a known positive
will quarantine for 10 days with a negative test between days 7 and 10 or 14 days without a test. (As per CIAC 


7) It will be the Head coach's responsibility to report any reports of a positive case that has been forwarded to them from a parent of a positive player.
At that point, we must begin our own contact tracing procedures which will allow us to identify any potential close contact members. 
Tracing should be done and coordinated with the Athletic Director, the President of the Program, and the coaching staff of the team.
Tracing must get underway as quickly as possible.
No active activity will take place with the team in question until contact tracing can be completed, confirmed and all steps have been taken to assure a safe return to play. 

Westport PAL reserves the right to modify these guidelines and best practices,
given the fluid nature of policies and recommendations from federal, state, and local officials.


Questions? Concerns?
Please email Darryl Delia, Athletic Director at: