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Club Teams offer summer travel play (normally June and part/all of July), as well as Fall and Winter clinics for players that make the club team.  Teams practice 1-2x per week in the summer and attend 3-4 tournaments.

Teams are established by school grade.  For example, if your daughter finished 4th grade this Spring, she is a 2029 player.

You must try out to join the club teams.  Note:  Tryouts for club teams occur in July, August & September prior to the lacrosse season.  ie. July 2021 for Summer 2022 Play.  For all tryout information, please consult each organization's website.

Our area clubs are very different from one another and there is a good fit for each girl who is interested. Our Coaching Director, Amy Alvord, is happy to answer any questions you may have.

****As a policy, Westport PAL Girls Lacrosse will inform our youth players but will not endorse any outside programs. Playing for any club, clinic, camp, private program, etc... will have absolutely no impact on team placement, playing time, etc at Westport PAL Girls Lacrosse next Spring. The improved skills that your daughter may attain, of course, may be noticed.  We simply want all of our players to grow, love the sport, compete and become the best lacrosse players that they can be!***


AMBITION Lacrosse:  (Wilton, CT)

Rising 5th – 11th Grades

AMBITION Lacrosse Club is a developmental girl’s lacrosse program based in southern Connecticut that supports positive youth development as the foundation to build more than just athletes.  It is the goal of AMBITION Lacrosse Club to provide outstanding instruction as well as prepare each individual player for her own specific lacrosse experience. Our highly qualified coaching staff will offer individualized guidance for each player based upon her personal goals and aspirations.  AMBITION Lacrosse is about DEVELOPMENT first and foremost.  We believe in the LIFELONG VALUE of building a young girl’s confidence through sport; the gifts of team camaraderie and the rewards of self-improvement. Player development is arguably the most important and least emphasized component of premier lacrosse clubs. AMBITION Lacrosse Club is dedicated to athlete and personal development replicating the tempo and dynamics of high level play while developing individual’s confidence and skill set to reach their full playing potential.  We offer full recruiting support for our players determined to play college lacrosse at any level.  Our name both embraces and embodies the philosophy of this new and improved Girls lacrosse club, serving ambitious players in Southern Connecticut that aspire to bring their game to the next level.


CT Grizzlies:  (Darien, CT)

Rising 4th-11th Grades

CT Grizzlies is the premier girl’s lacrosse program offered in lower Fairfield County. Our mission is to provide the best coaching in helping develop and allow players to maximize their potential in the club lacrosse circuit. In addition, we provide the best opportunities for placement of CT Grizzlies high school players in collegiate women’s lacrosse programs across the country. Our job to is teach our players how to play lacrosse as a team, as well as provide them with the individual instruction to make them stand out while showcasing in lacrosse tournaments in the summer and fall seasons. You will not find a better, more dedicated staff than those who coach with our program. In addition to teaching your daughters lacrosse and making them better players, we also strive to develop them into mature, confident, strong young women on and off the field through life lessons. 


Comet Girls Lacrosse:  (Greenwich Academy)

Comet Girls Lacrosse is a girls’ lacrosse program providing rigorous instruction to both emerging and experienced players in Fairfield and Westchester counties and beyond.  Our program has a particular emphasis on instruction and small teams. We offer a progressive curriculum with considerable teaching time that addresses individual skills, positional play and team concepts. Our travel teams are intentionally small to allow players as much playing time as possible at tournaments. Our goal is to help the girls become versatile, experienced and competitive high school lacrosse players.


Gold Coast Lacrosse:  (New Canaan, CT / Wilton, CT / Stamford, CT)

Rising 4th-11th Grades

Established in 2016 as a merger between CT Lax and NewLax, Gold Coast Lacrosse is a year round, elite lacrosse program for players in the great CT area. Gold Coast Lacrosse Club is to be a leader in girls club programming in the greater Fairfield County region, with a clear focus on the responsible and sustainable development of player talent. Gold Coast Lacrosse Club will bring a first-class experiences for members with an emphasis on teaching and developing players within the community.Gold Coast Lacrosse will strive to provide outstanding coaching to enable participants to enhance athletic skills and performance while emphasizing the development of life skills.


Nor’easter Lacrosse:  (New Haven, CT)

Rising 4th-11th Grades

Nor'easter Lacrosse is DIFFERENT! Our teams at a variety of levels are coached by a college coach and assisted by current college players.  Our high school coaches are simply THE best in the state, year in and year out. These coaches are consistent throughout the year and they know how to coach the game of lacrosse to prepare our players for the next level.  They are able to guide and shape our players for the intricacies of the college game even if you are a middle school player.  These are not guest coaches....these are Nor'easter coaches.


Sound Lacrosse:  (Greenwich, CT)

Rising 4th-11th Grades

Directed by former Division I Coach, UNC player and current Greenwich High School Varsity Head Coach Caitlin Young (approximately 10 years of club experience), Sound Lacrosse provides youth and high school players from Fairfield and Westchester County a world-class lacrosse opportunity. We are the ONLY girls club program in the area that takes ONE team per age group regardless of tryout numbers. We feel this is the best way to provide our players and families with the most premier club lacrosse experience. The Sound Lacrosse girls program prides itself upon maximizing our players full potential on and off the field. Our coaches are committed to not only developing players lacrosse skills, but also building confidence, character and putting players in a position to be successful in all areas of life.