Westport Police Athletic League-WPAL is a non-profit organization in Westport, CT. The Police Athletic League (PAL) has been serving the Westport community since 1948. Over 2000 boys and girls participate in Westport PAL youth athletic programs each ye

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Our Mission for the Rugby Program 

Promote and teach the game of rugby at its highest standard in a safe and positive environment. 
We hope to develop each player to their highest potential and to instill the necessary skill to play the sport with passion. 


Our Vision 

 Impart a culture of character, wherein we will advocate our core values: 
Discipline, respect, integrity, humility, good sportsmanship, and teamwork.  
We look to inspire Westport PAL Rugby players to represent their town, family, and friends with pride and spirit


All players, coaches, officials, parents and fans are encouraged to remember that rugby holds a unique place in American sport.  It is an international fraternal sport that is based on hard but fair competition and camaraderie. The International Rugby Board (IRB), the governing body for rugby around the world, Charter states: “Rugby owes much of its appeal to the fact that it is played both to the letter and within the spirit of the Laws. The responsibility for ensuring this practice lies not with one individual -- it involves coaches, captains, players, and referees. It is through discipline, control and mutual respect that the spirit of the game flourishes and, in the context of a game as physically challenging as rugby, these are the qualities that forge the fellowship and sense of fair play so essential to the game’s ongoing success and survival.
Rugby is valued as a sport as it builds teamwork, understanding, cooperation and respect for fellow athletes...
It is because of, not despite, rugby’s intensely physical and athletic characteristics
that such great camaraderie exists before and after matches."


 Westport PAL Rugby Board

WPAL Athletic Director - Darryl Delia

Rugby President - Tony Nashawaty

Secretary - Duke Saltus

Finance - Eugene Havemann

Head Coach - Tony Nashawaty

Fitness Coach - Kit Jefferson

U10 Coach - Matt Oades
U10 Coach - Adam Slade
U 12 Coach - Tony Nashawaty
U14 - Eugene Havemann

Marketing - Eugene Havemann

CommunicationsTony Nash

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